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Omaruru residents to protest for better service delivery

Omaruru residents to protest for better service delivery

Ashley Nyambe

THE Omaruru Residents Association (ORA) organised a peaceful demonstration that will take place today to inform the Mayor of Omaruru, Vincent Kahua, as well as the Omaruru Municipality’s Management Committee and Department Heads about the residents’ concerns regarding the town’s management.

The ORA Chairperson, Frikkie Engels, emphasised that this has nothing to do with politics, but is simply an effort to raise awareness about the challenges facing Omaruru residents. The demonstration, he said, comes a month after Omaruru residents from different ethnic and economic backgrounds came together as a “united front” to discuss the challenges affecting residents’ day-to-day lives.

According to Engels, one of the most urgent problems is the town’s inadequate sewage system, which he said has been a problem for years. He said that the unaddressed issue has resulted in the sewage ending up in the Omaruru River basin.

He also mentioned that residents from Omaruru’s Ozondje location are particularly challenge-ridden as the location is not only faced with a similar sewage problem, but also struggles with access to water, electricity and proper street lighting.

“Before we started talking to them (Ozondje residents), we didn’t have an idea of how bad it is really at this stage in Ozondje. So, these people are up in arms, really, they are so so bitter,” he explained.

Engels said that about 1 500 people intend to participate in the demonstration. The protestors will gather at 8:00 at the Ozondje location’s taxi rank. From there, he said, they will march to the Omaruru River Bridge before going to the Omaruru Municipal building to hand over a formal petition to the mayor or his representatives.

“We have given the mayor two months to come back to us and to give us some feedback on the progress that he and his municipality has made,” he added.

The Omaruru Municipality could not be reached for commentary at the time of publication.

File photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Namibia Tourism Board.

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