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19-year-old shot dead while robbing a house

19-year-old shot dead while robbing a house

Staff Reporter

A 19-YEAR-OLD was allegedly shot dead, while he was robbing a house in Kuisebmund on Tuesday at about 01:00.
According to the Erongo Police, the suspect that shot the man is the owner of the house that was being robbed.

It is alleged that the suspect was awoken by sounds that resembled footsteps on his roof. He then went to the kitchen to investigate and when he looked through the window, he saw a man standing in his yard, holding a washing basin that belongs to him.

The man allegedly dropped the basin when he saw the suspect, then ran and climbed on the suspect’s roof to jump out of the yard.

The suspect allegedly shot a few warning shots with a 9mm pistol in the direction of the man and one of the bullets struck the man in his lower abdomen. He was later found dead on the roof of the suspect’s house.

It is alleged that the deceased was found with stolen items that belong to the suspect. These items were found in his trouser pockets and in a big basin.

The police said that it is suspected that the deceased was with another person who was already on the roof. It is alleged that the deceased was handing the items that he found on the ground to the person on the roof so that they can throw the items in the neighbouring yard. The other person, who is still unknown, allegedly fled the scene.

The deceased’s next of kin has not been informed yet and his body was taken to Walvis Bay Mortuary for post-mortem examinations to determine the cause of death.

The suspect has not been arrested yet as investigations are pending. His firearm was confiscated and booked as exhibits. He will also open a theft case against the deceased and his co-suspect.

File photo for illustrative purposes only.

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