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RYF to establish a horticulture programme in Zambezi

RYF to establish a horticulture programme in Zambezi

Staff Reporter

THE Rob Youth Foundation (RYF) has secured 10 hectares (Ha) of land in the Lusu village in the Zambezi region for the establishment of a horticulture programme that is intended to address the region’s most urgent problems, such as unemployment, among other challenges.

“We have to be the catalysts of change and the youth have an important role to play in moulding their own future, after all, tomorrow it will be us who are old and needing the children to take care of us,” RYF’s founder, Robert Maseka, said.

The foundation secured the ten hectares from the Induna of the Ngweze Traditional Khuta Tribal Authority, who said that the foundation’s initiatives “can foster and develop the youth of Zambezi region and also contribute to the social economic development of the region and in so doing, the country at large”.

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Besides employment creation, RYF explained, the horticulture programme also aims to sustain local vendors and to ensure a consistent supply of vegetables within the country – as many vegetable vendors face significant challenges that negatively affect their income.

One of the vendors that foundation spoke to is Duminga Masela, a mother of four, who relies entirely on her business. RYF explained that Masela orders most of the vegetables that she sells in the region. However, she also goes to Zambia sometimes to order sweet potatoes, which comes with its own challenges.

The foundation explained that Masela has to pay N$50,00 for every 50kg of sweet potatoes that she brings into the country and to avoid this, she crosses the border illegally sometimes. This, RYF said, sometimes leads to trouble with police officers and the eventual confiscation of her goods, resulting in a loss.

RYF pointed out that Masela’s challenges are not unique as many other vendors in the region face similar challenges. The horticulture programme is therefore intended to lessen such challenges by providing a consistent supply of vegetables in the country.

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