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Drunken driver cop Granted bail of N$5000.00

Drunken driver cop Granted bail of N$5000.00

Staff Reporter

CONSTABLE Vetondouua Kanguatjivi of the Windhoek Police Station, who was arrested in Windhoek on Sunday after crashing into different properties in the Hochland Park residential area, is released on bail for N$5000.00

Kanguatjivi, who made his first appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate’s court on Monday morning is charged with three counts; theft of motor vehicle, driving on a public road under the influence of alcohol and driving a motor vehicle without a driver’s license.


PICTURED: Drunken Cop out on bail. Photo: Samuel Shinedima
Video Contributed

The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, after he allegedly collided into boundary walls of at least three properties, causing severe damages to the properties.

The case is postponed to 5 September 2022 for further investigations, as well as to allow the forensic experts to present the laboratory results, pertaining to the suspected high amount of alcohol in his blood.

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