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Erratic rainfalls makes subsistence farming unreliable in Kunene

Erratic rainfalls makes subsistence farming unreliable in Kunene

Maria David

KUNENE Regional Governor Marius Sheya said that subsistence farming is the economic backbone and source of income for most inhabitants of the region, but the erratic rainfalls of recent years have made farming both unreliable and unsustainable.

Sheya made these remarks during his State of the Region Address (SORA) recently.
The governor said that the rain that was recorded in various parts of the region this past rainy season was not enough but did bring some welcome relief for many farmers.

PROGRESS: Governor of Kunene Marius Sheya.

He exhorted farmers to use whatever opportunity presents itself to revive agriculture in the region and move towards food security.
He pointed out that the weather has become unpredictable due to the effects of climate change.

He also indicated that the regional leadership faces a challenge of identifying the needy and vulnerable members of the society and provide them with assistance through the central government and the private sector.

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