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Man killed, one injured after ‘advice’ about breastfeeding women

Man killed, one injured after ‘advice’ about breastfeeding women

Maria David

MWATILE Ndelifetwa Natangwe (34), accused of stabbing to death Toivo Andreas (25) and injuring Elisafani Panduleni (39) after they reportedly advised him not to propose to breastfeeding women, remains in custody.

He appeared in the Ohangwena Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

“It is alleged that a fight erupted between the victims and the suspect who was unhappy after being advised not to propose to a woman who is still breastfeeding,” Crime Coordinator Deputy Commissioner Zachariah Amakali said.

The incident happened at Ombili location in Eenhana Town Friday around 22:30.

Amakali said the suspect allegedly took a pocket knife from his trouser pocket and stabbed Andreas in the left upper chest and also injured Panduleni.

Andreas was admitted to the Eenhana State Hospital where he died on Sunday.

Panduleni sustained injuries to the left side of his ribcage and left arm. He is said to be in a stable condition

The accused remains in custody pending further police investigation and for him to obtain legal aid.

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