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Unbearable chaos at Oshakati taxi ranks

Unbearable chaos at Oshakati taxi ranks

Placido Hilukilwa

THE chaotic situation at Oshakati’s intertown taxi ranks has become unbearable and the Namibian police are warning those responsible for the disorder to stop forthwith or face the consequences.

According to the police, the most chaotic places are the taxi ranks where taxis depart Oshakati to Ondangwa, Outapi and Omungwelume.

The Okatana Service Station where long-distance busses depart to the south is equally problematic.

The accusing finger specifically points at bus and taxi drivers who recruit youngsters to attract passengers to their respective vehicles and who are then paid a certain amount for each passenger.



In order to make as much money as possible, they push and pull potential passengers, grab their belongings and literally force them to get into a taxi or bus against their will.

In the process, some belongings are either damaged or go missing.

Travellers who offer resistance are insulted and manhandled.

Inspector Thomas Aiyambo encourages those who are so insulted or manhandled to register criminal cases against the perpetrators.

The taxi ranks are also infiltrated by pickpockets who use the chaotic situation as a smokescreen that makes it possible for them to steal unnoticed.

According to Aiyambo, the situation will not be allowed to go on like that and the police are now taking steps to address it.


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