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Eenhana owed N$30 million by municipal account holders

Eenhana owed N$30 million by municipal account holders

Maria David

THE Eenhana Town Council has urged those with unpaid municipal accounts to pay up for them to remain operational as the council is faced with outstanding debt from consumers which stands at about N$30 million.

Mayor of Eenhana Omri-Onn Kavandje said paying a small amount is better than not paying at all.

“We understand that Covid-19 had an impact on this deficit. However, it is high time we start organising, reorganising, strategising and re-strategising our efforts to devise how best we service our debts as we are adjusting to living with Covid-19.”

Kavandje said all residents, businesses and government offices need to pay their municipal accounts on time and the council has an open-door policy.

“Let’s engage in good conversations and set up agreements on how to settle accounts,” he said.

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