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Violence erupts in China Town as police clash with protestors

Violence erupts in China Town as police clash with protestors

Zorena Jantze

CHOAS broke out in Windhoek this morning when protestors clashed with law enforcement officials who fired teargas and rubber bullets at Namibia Economic Freedom Fighter (NEFF) protestors who blocked the entrance of China Town.

The incident follows the arrest of NEFF political activist Micheal Amushelelo who shut down China shops yesterday, claiming that they sell counterfeit goods.

Gasping for air, vendors as well as protestors ran in different directions, with a pregnant woman also injured during the crossfire.


CIVIL UNREST: Some scenes from the protest this morning. Video: Shared on Facebook


Several protestors including the leader of the NEFF, Epaphras Mukwiilongo, were arrested and hauled to the Windhoek police station.

Speaking at the protest, deputy inspector general of the Namibian police Joseph Shikongo stated that yesterday after Amushelelo’s actions, activist Dimbulukeni ‘Dee’ Nauyoma of the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement insulted the Inspector General of the Namibian police and threatened to burn China Town.

Shikongo stated that the buildings at China Town belong to the Republic of Namibia and will be protected by the police.

“Public order management is not there for negotiation. We asked them to disperse, these people that made threats refused to go, so we gave them a countdown,” Shikongo responded when questioned about civilians affected with teargas and rubber bullets.

“Unfortunately, I understand that some people became victims of the teargas. What was the pregnant women doing with a group that was going to burn China Town,” Shikongo said, adding that police asked the protestors to leave but orders were denied.

Shikongo at the time could not confirm how many protestors were arrested and added that he is unable to give what charges will be opened against them.


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