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Another nail in labour unrest’s coffin

Another nail in labour unrest’s coffin

Staff Reporter

NAMIBIA Protection Services (NPS) has demanded that the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) cease all intimidation and incitement of NPS employees for an illegal strike as well as any further threats or illegal action that threatens or endangers the rights and safety of NPS employees, property and clients.

The NEFF delivered a list of demands to the NPS on Monday and threatened that there will be a countrywide strike that “will cripple the company” if the NPS fails to meet NEFF’s demands by today.

“If any representative or associate of the NEFF again attempts to incite an illegal strike of NPS employees, we will approach the Labour Court of Namibia to obtain urgent interdictory relief and we will hold you liable for such costs on a punitive scale since your involvement in the incitement of any illegal strike or action is simply unlawful, vexatious and frivolous,” NPS’ Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Fanie Horn, warned.


The CEO further stated that NPS has engaged the Namibian Transport and Allied Workers Union (NATUA), with which NPS has a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that serves as guidelines to lawfully and peacefully resolve any alleged concerns or disputes of NPS guarding staff.

Horn emphasised that the NPS does not recognise the legitimacy of NEFF to negotiate demands on behalf of NPS staff as NEFF is not a recognised workers union for the security industry and also not a party to the collective agreement to the security industry as contained in Government Gazette 6414.

“Namibia Protection Services (Pty) Ltd complies with the Security Association of Namibia’s Constitution, the Labour Act 11 of 2007, Security Officer and Security Enterprises Board Act 19 of 1998 and all other applicable laws and regulations governing the security industry in Namibia,” Horn explained.

Horn also refuted the claims made by NEFF alleging that NPS is making exorbitant profits at the expense of their employees, stating that NPS makes about 6 cents from every Namibian dollar earned. The NEFF’s allegations, he stated, are therefore mere political propaganda and simply false.

“NPS does not pay staff below the minimum wage, and neither does NPS tender to provide security services below the minimum wage. NPS’ leadership in this regard is also demonstrated by its appeal noted to the Supreme Court of Namibia under Case Number SA 99/2020,” he said.

Horn also stated that the NPS has forewarned the involved parties that it will approach the High Court for urgent interdictory relief, if necessary.

He further stated that NPS would like to reassure their clients that their guarding staff are protected from exploitation through the collective agreement with the security industry, as envisaged.

“We wish to assure our clients and the general public that measures have been taken to guard against the disruption of services provision by NPS guarding staff, and those who incite them to initiate an illegal strike,” Horn added.

The NEFF demands include an increase of N$100 per hour, paid leave and sick days, a danger allowance of N$2 000 per month, payment of medical costs when workers are injured on duty, pension for workers (with the company contributing 65% and the workers 35%) and a fixed salary of N$10 000 for drivers.

They also called for the resignation of the CEO’s wife, claiming that she’s is enriching herself with cash loans that she offers to workers.

DEMANDS: The NEFF’s letter.

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