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Investing in the youth through sport

Investing in the youth through sport

Maria David

SOCCER players participating in the second edition of the Cross Park Tournament held in Omuthiya called for more games and sporting activities in the northern areas.

21-year-old Shipandeni Ndungula from Oniipa Football Club said events like the tournament are good for youth development.

“This is good for us young people as it keeps us away from the streets and gives us a chance to display our talents,” he said.



Shipandeni said at last sport is being developed in rural areas, which is inspiring for many of them who love playing football.
He said the tournament is an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Another player, Mathews Nakale (29) of Waka Duku Football Club, said tournaments like these at Cross Park are good initiatives for the youth.

“We need more tournaments of such nature in our regions, where we can display our skills,” he added.

Nakale thanked the organisers and sponsors for investing in youth development in the northern part of the country.

Municipal councillor for Oniipa Town Petrus Nakanyala, who was at the event, said the tournament is a good initiative as it “prepares young people to ensure that the Namibian flag is recognised worldwide”.

The tournament ends on Monday.


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