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Oshakati to establish environmentally friendly sewage treatment plant

Oshakati to establish environmentally friendly sewage treatment plant

Maria David

THE Oshakati Town Council requires close to N$150 million for the establishment of a modern sewage treatment plant for recycling the town’s water.

Town Chief Executive Office Timoteus Namwandi said the current oxidation ponds are not environmentally friendly and to make the water treatment plant a reality they will construct the modern sewage treatment plant in phases due to budget constraints.

“A treatment plant is required to accommodate all the planned development in the town,” he said, adding it will be located at Oshakati West.

Oshakati environmentally friendly sewage treatment plant million
DEVELOPMENT PLANS: The Oshakati Town Council wants to establish a modern sewage treatment plant. Photo: Maria David

“The design for the treatment plant has been completed and an amount of N$2.6 million has been used. In the upcoming financial year an amount of N$40 million will be budgeted for phase 1,” he said.

Namwandi indicated that they need a capital injection from the central government or any other potential partners, as the council is faced with financial constraints at the moment.

He said they are currently faced with the challenges of implementing their projects due to a lack of funds or cash flow and increasing debts that resulted due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“We are calling on inhabitants of the town to pay their municipal bills on time to enable the council to implement budgeted projects.”

Namwandi stated they also require N$180 million to improve bulk electrical supply capacity for the whole of Oshakati to cater for increasing households or consumers.

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