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Oshakati’s Oshoopala location partially flooded

Oshakati’s Oshoopala location partially flooded

Placido Hilukilwa

THE Oshakati town and the surrounding areas did not receive any significant drops of rain since the heavy downpour of the past weekend, but the volume of water in the oshanas continues to rise, steadily engulfing some informal settlements and reviving memories of the worst floodings of a decade ago.

Residents of the Oshoopala location are watching anxiously as water starts penetrating their residential area, making some parts inaccessible to vehicles and forcing some residents to walk in water when leaving or returning to their residences.

The water is mostly originating from an oshana that flows into an old water canal which then overflows into the residential area.

Even though several houses are already flooded, the evacuation of residents has not yet started but the rising water level makes evacuation practically inevitable.

Linus Ndeunyena, a resident of Oshoopala location said that his residence is already partially flooded and the water level is rising rapidly.

“That is how the worst floodings started in 2008 and 2009 when water reached us while we were fast asleep,” he said.

Water from the overflowing Cuvelai water drainage system from southern Angola — locally known as efundja — swamped business and residential areas several times since 2008.

The water that is currently flowing into Oshakati does not appear to come from southern Angola.

Sources in the southern Cunene province of Angola did not report any efundja waters flowing down the Cuvelai system.

Whenever flooding occurred in the past, the town council’s reaction was to relocate affected residents to temporary tent camps where they stay till the flooding recedes.

Years ago, plans were formulated to permanently relocate residents of flood-prone informal settlements such as Oshoopala and Oneshila.

However, such plans have yet to be implemented.

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