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Omicron keeps spreading like wildfire

Omicron keeps spreading like wildfire

Staff Reporter


THE United States reported 1.34 million Covid cases on Monday, with the daily case rate shattering worldwide records as hospitalisations soared across the country.


Reuters reported at least 1,343,167 new infections were recorded Monday, beating the previous record of 1,044,970 cases, set on January 3, by nearly 300,000.


The number suggests a dramatic rise in cases in the U.S. as the highly transmissible Omicron variant continues to spread.


It also represents the highest daily total recorded for any country, according to Reuters, with the U.S. recording a total of 61,490,917 cases since the pandemic began.


In Namibia, of the 26 Covid-19 deaths reported in the last 24-hour cycle, only one case was vaccinated.


From 1 827 results, 320 cases were confirmed which represents a 17.5% positivity ratio. Of these, 308 are new cases and 12 re-infections. The ages range from seven months to 110 years.


According to the Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Kalumbi Shangula, by 10 January a total of 348 112 adults have completed their vaccination, translating into 23.2% of the target population, while 410 children aged 12 to 17 are fully vaccinated. In addition, 8 290 people have received a booster dose.


The number of active cases is 10 418.


Across the 14 regions, 363 cases are currently hospitalized of which four have received one dose of the vaccine and 33 are fully vaccinated. The remaining 326 are not vaccinated constituting 89.8% of all hospitalized cases.


In addition, 27 cases are in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), of which two cases are fully vaccinated and 25 cases are not, representing 92.6% of all cases in ICUs.


The ||Kharas region recorded the highest number of new cases (81), constituting 25.3% of the total cases of which five are re-infections, followed by Khomas with 48 cases of which five are re-infections, accounting for 15.0% of the total reported cases.


Among the confirmed cases are 27 learners, five healthcare workers, four teachers and three students.


Four cases have received one dose of the vaccine, 24 are fully vaccinated of which one received a booster dose, and 14 of the vaccinated cases did not specify the number of doses received.


Of the total confirmed cases, 278 are not vaccinated, accounting for 86.9%.


From ten regions, 653 recoveries were recorded.


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