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Hashiyana teachers want principal out

Hashiyana teachers want principal out

Maria David

TEACHERS at Hashiyana Primary School submitted a petition to the Oshana education regional director demanding the removal of their school principal.

The teachers channeled the complaints to the Namibia National Teachers Union (Nantu) and the school board. The letter dated 4 November 2021 is titled ‘Lack of Humanity at Hashiyana Primary School’.

“We, the staff, are writing this letter as a formal complaint against the principal, Mr Amon Ndeitwa. Please accept this letter as our formal grievance,” the letter reads in part.

Hashiyana teachers principal Hashiyana Primary School submitted petition Oshana education director school principal
DISPUTE: Teachers of Hashiyana Combined School accuse the principal of discriminatory behaviour. Photo: File

The teachers claim that “a lot” has been happening at the school and it all comes from the office of the principal. They accuse him of discriminatory leadership.

“We have noticed forms of emotional violence from our supervisor such as intimidation (which is a major offence), emotional torture, and inhumanity. And according to the Education Act 2001, Article 8 says: No persons shall be subject to torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” the letter reads.

In addition, Ndeitwa has been accused of washing his personal vehicle on the school grounds on several occasions.

“There was a time when he ordered the caretaker not to wash other cars at the school apart from his, the principal’s car only. Other concerns include threats, overloading other workers while he has not any subject to teach at the school, and abuse of power. He stops other colleagues from moving to other classes to even interact with others,” the teachers claim.

The teachers gave Nantu and the director’s office three working days to respond and said there will be no hosting of any staff meetings at the school until they have received a response.

Several complaints, the teachers said, have been made before against Ndeitwa but they claim nothing is done either at regional level or from the Ompundja circuit inspector, Hofni Kapolo.

Kapolo on Monday confirmed that he is aware of the complaints but said he was not at liberty to talk. He referred questions to education director Hileni Amukana.

Amukana said she has received the petition, and her office is working hand in hand with Nantu to attend to the matter.

“I cannot discuss staff members’ issues with the public. We are handling it,” she stressed.

Ndeitwa could not be reached on his mobile and he has not responded to several messages sent to him.
The receptionist at the school said Ndeitwa was not in office when the reporter called and had no idea when he would be returning.

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