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Boy (13) accused of raping young cousin

Boy (13) accused of raping young cousin

Maria David


A THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD boy allegedly raped his eight-year-old female cousin on Saturday at Amusa village in the Oshana Region.


According to police community affairs officer Inspector Thomas Aiyambo, the suspect allegedly found the victim tending to donkeys in the bush.


He reportedly grabbed the eight-year-old and raped her.


The incident happened around 15:00 and was reported on Saturday by the victim’s mother before the victim was taken to the hospital for a medical examination.


According to Article 15 of the Constitution, which deals with children’s rights, no law shall permit children under the age of 16 years to be detained.


Hence, a proposal for the amendment of the Child Care and Protection Act, Act No. 3 of 2015 was enacted in 2015, but it only became operational on 29 January 2019 after the regulations were endorsed and gazetted.


This Act, though relatively new, has faced challenges in its implementation.


Several amendments to certain sections of the Act are proposed by the Ministry.


Ministry spokesperson Lukas Haufiku said the ministry is considering introducing an element of child consent to custody, access and guardianship.


“This is important to ensure that the child is consulted and that their view is documented. This means proposing a certain age where children can participate in the type of decision,” he said.


Police investigations continue.

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