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Shannon case: Evidence points towards involvement of third suspect

Shannon case: Evidence points towards involvement of third suspect

Zorena Jantze 

NEW forensic evidence has come to light in the murder case of Shannon Wasserfall which points to there being a possible third suspect present during the time that the 22-year-old was killed in Walvis Bay in April last year.

Two suspects, siblings Azaan Madisia and Steven Juniour Mulundu, have already been arrested and charged for kidnapping and the murder of Wasserfall six months after she went missing.

During their appearance at the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court yesterday, 11 October, the two accused persons informed the presiding officer, Magistrate Vicky Nicolaidis, that they are ready to plead in the matter.

The State, however, objected pleading, with Public Prosecutor Maggy explaining that they are not in a position to hear the plea of Madisia and Mulundu in light of new information.

  • forensic evidence murder case Shannon Wasserfall third suspect Walvis Bay April
  • forensic evidence murder case Shannon Wasserfall third suspect Walvis Bay April

According to Shiyagaya, the new information relates to another possible suspects being involved in the murder of Wasserfall.

The public prosecutor further said that the State is hoping to fully investigate the new information and conclude by mid-November.

The matter was therefore remanded to 8 November 2021 for the accused to apply for legal aid.

Magistrate Nicolaidis then informed the two accused persons that should legal representation be provided in the interim, the representative will consult with them prior to the date.

Madisia and Mulundu will remain in custody at the Narraville Police Station in the meantime.

Madisia was the number one suspect implicated in the disappearance of Wasserfall, who went missing on 10 April 2020 from Kuisebmond.

Months later, on 6 October 2020, Wasserfall’s remains were found in a shallow grave in Walvis Bay after police received a tip off.

An enraged older brother of the late Wasserfall, Dennis Wasserfall, shared his views on the new development in the case.

“Unfortunately, once again, the case was postponed to the 8th of November due to new evidence discovered. At the location (Shannon) was brutally murdered, unknown DNA was recently discovered which raises the question, who else was involved? Who, besides Azaan and her brother Steven, was involved in the murder of our beloved Shannon?” he said.

He further noted that it has been a year and four days since Madisia confessed to the murder but, slowly as the story progresses, it seems that she keeps purposely leaving important details out.

“As a family, all we have ever wanted since the 10th April 2020 is answers. Azaan has lied and manipulated us since the beginning of Shannon’s case. There were times none of us as a family had hope and all we could do was rely on our faith. All we want is truthful answers from the perpetrators. They’ve taken our daughter away from us, the least they can do is tell us who the third person is. There will not be peace until we have our answers. There will not be silence,” Dennis said.

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