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Another VTC launched to tackle unemployment

Another VTC launched to tackle unemployment

Zorena Jantze

TO bring about employment opportunities and improve the skill set of youths in Namibia who find themselves homebound due to a lack of opportunities brought on by the economic downturn, the St Benedicts Vocational Training Centre was launched today.


Namibia, with one of the youngest populations in Africa, could reach a staggering 50.30% youth unemployment rate by the end of 2021, according to figures from the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA).


The training centre will offer classes such as Joinery, Carpentry, ICT training, Sewing and Clothing production and Jewelry design and Manufacturing courses, as well as English.


VIDEO: Some scenes from the launch of the St Benedicts Vocational Training Centre. Footage: Alwyn van Zyl


Delivering an opening speech, Mother Simon Lee explained that one of the reasons for the high youth unemployment rate is lack of career guidance in schools.


“In Schools, young Namibians should be empowered, self-reliant and be productive through improved services in education, health, and economic empowerment. We must do our best to provide young people with access to quality education. We are happy to add one more Catholic institution that will provide quality education to both men and women in the country,” Mother Lee said.


She added that in 2019, the centre already gave its first Sewing course level 1 to 15 to students for two weeks, and two years later, opened additional classes including Joinery, Carpentry, ICT, Sewing, Manufacturing and English courses.


Mother Lee further added that the centre is currently in the process of registering with the NTA, as well as the NQA.  


She encouraged the first batch of students to work hard.


“Being the first group of teachers and students of our centre, I earnestly ask you to do your best and succeed in your teaching learning experience since you lay the foundation to the centre,” she said.


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