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Windhoek veld fires extinguished as they reach Omeya

Windhoek veld fires extinguished as they reach Omeya

Zorena Jantze


VELD fires which have spread from the area of Brakwater towards the inner city were today contained and put out by the fire brigade just as they reached the Omeya Golf, situated about 30km south of the capital.


Giving an update on the veld fires, Herold Akwenye, spokesperson of the City of Windhoek, said that the veld fires ravaged the surrounding Khomas mountains in areas such Kupferberg, Satan Loct near Daan Viljoen, as well as the Eros Mountains near the Elisenheim estate and were only put out before they reached the Omeya Golf estate.


Namibia has recorded 27 veld fires countrywide in the last few weeks, causing massive destruction to properties.



The fires have burned through 59 farms covering 143,000 hectares of land and killed 135 heads of livestock and 75 wild animals.


“Permission was obtained through the CEO and the Governors Office to use the Namibian Police’s helicopter for the operation, however, the fire was contained before the helicopter was airborne,“ Akwenye said.


He further added that residents of Windhoek and nearby farms, as well as various businesses, SOEs, the Namibia Defence Force and the City of Windhoek officials and departments not also assisted in putting out the flames, but also donated refreshments and food to support efforts on the ground.


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