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Ompumbu residents urged to pay for plots

Ompumbu residents urged to pay for plots

Placido Hilukilwa


THE Ompumbu location of Oshakati has been formalised and house-owners are now being urged to pay off their plots to obtain title deeds.


The settlement is partly serviced and the plots are properly demarcated.


Town council spokesperson, Katarina Kamari, said that even though no deadline was set for paying off the land, she is encouraging house owners to hurry.


residents Ompumbu location Oshakati house-owners plots title deeds
PICTURED: Katarina Kamari. Photo: Archive


She said that the council needs the money to continue providing services to the town’s residents.


“At N$30 per square meter, Ompumbu house owners are paying a very low price compared to other parts of the town where buyers pay up to N$80 per square meter,” she said.


She noted that the formalisation of informal settlements is a continuous and gradual process.


For now, only part of Ompumbu that is located east of the Oshakati-Omungwelume main road has been formalised.


The part of Ompumbu west of the road will only be formalised later.


“This is good news. Even though I am a resident of the western part of Ompumbu that is not yet formalised, the formalisation of the eastern part gives me hope that our turn would eventually come,” said Erkki Alweendo.


Another resident, who identified herself only as Petrine, said that when news came in about its formalisation, she rushed to the town council office where she learned that only the eastern part was affected.


“I was initially disappointed that our side of the settlement was left out, but I am now full of hope that we will be next,” she said.


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