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Ovamabderu leadership battle reignites

Ovamabderu leadership battle reignites

Marthina Mutanga


AFTER the death of the Chief of the Ovambanderu, Killus Nguvauva in July, the queen of Ovambaderu Aletha Nguvauva is battling to get recognition as the traditional authority’s rightful leader.


Aletha said that the traditional authority has handed a letter to the Ministry of Local Authority in the year 2017 in which the traditional authority requested the government to recognize her as a chief. The traditional authority expects to receive an answer on 5 August 2021.


Aletha was the late Chief Munjuku II Nguvauva’s wife and their son Keharanjo Nguvauva took over the throne. This was however not a smooth process as his chiefdom was challenged by Killus Nguvauva, his older brother.


After a dragged-out court battle, the late Killus was eventually recognized by the government, however, following his death as well as that of his brother, Keharangjo, the Ovambanderu Traditional Authority is now without a chief.


death Chief Ovambanderu Killus queen Aletha Nguvauva traditional authority rightful leader


As the widow of the late chief, Aletha continues to plead with the Namibian government as she states that she has been overlooked by the Ovambanderu for close to ten years now.


“I still have a community of Ovambanderu who I am currently leading since 2011 and I am still fighting to be recognized by the government,’ she said.


Recently the high court delivered a judgement that opens the door for Nguvauva who has been fighting to be recognized as the paramount chief, to pursue the route.


The Ovambanderu Traditional Authority faction under Aletha Karikondua Nguvauva has scored a major victory.


Ovambanderu Traditional Authority (OTA) supreme council agreed to appoint their trusted senior traditional councillor, Gerson Katjirua as the authority’s acting chief after Chief Killus Nguvauva died.


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