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Massive bush fire burns out of control

Massive bush fire burns out of control

Niël Terblanché


UNITS of the Namibian Defence Force have been deployed to the southeast of Windhoek to help farmers of the area between Dordabis and Groot Aub battle a bush fire that has been destroying grazing land for the past two days.


The fire is being blown along by strong winds which makes it extremely difficult for farmers and volunteer firefighters to extinguish the flames that are devouring grass at an astonishing rate.


More help is urgently be needed to prevent a disaster.


BARREN AREAS: Large stretches of grazing land on farms to the southeast of Windhoek have been destroyed by a run-away bushfire. The bush fire is burning over long distances and farmers assisted by members of the Namibian Defence Force are battling flames as best they could. – Footage: Contributed


The fire in the area of Stinkwater and Bloukrans to the southwest of Windhoek started on Wednesday morning while other fires raged in the area of Uhlenhorst and Nina on Tuesday.


Various voice notes sent on different Whatsapp groups are of desperate people asking for help from the community and describing the destruction caused by the run-away fir.


In one voice note, a farmer’s wife says that all hope is lost and that only prayer will be able to assist desperate farmers that are seeing the last of the grazing land go up in smoke.


According to other descriptions on help group the fire stretches over many kilometres and that the flames are running towards Groot Aub and even Rehoboth.


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