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Mayor Job beleaguered

Mayor Job beleaguered

Niel Terblanche


THE Mayor of Windhoek, Job Amupanda is accused of misrepresentation after a backlash that isolated him from the rest of the City Council when the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) denied that it is part of any coalition agreement with any other party or political association.


The General Secretariat of the IPC stated that it has withdrawn from any efforts to be part of any coalition since the end of June this year.


The IPC, in a letter to the Chief Executive Officer Goerge Mayumbelo, launched a scathing attack on its own representatives in the City Council and restricted them to be part of any participation in council matters until the 30th of July.


The IPC said that they are dismayed by a discovery from the statement of the Mayor of Windhoek on the forceful eviction of the poor that the municipal representatives did not confirm the facts with the City Police and also distanced themselves from an advertisement for the replacement of Abraham Kanime as the Chief of the City Police that was posted by Job Amupanda on social media platforms.


The IPC members have been given a week to reflect on their willingness to represent the people that elected them into their positions on the City Council.


The full statement of the IPC and the letter to Mayambelo are published below for the public’s consumption.


Mayor Windhoek Job Amupanda Independent Patriots Change IPC




THE leadership of the Independent Patriots for Change has taken note with great concern of the decision taken by the City of Windhoek to demolish homes and destroy the private property of the residents in the Tobias Hainyeko Constituency in Windhoek.

Subsequent to receiving this information through the media, the Chief Patriot, National Chairperson, and the National General-Secretary went to the location to assess the situation and was dismayed by our findings. Small babies had been left without homes.

As an outcome of a meeting between the three leaders of the IPC and IPC City Councillors, it was decided that the Councillors erred in their judgement to have admitted responsibility, alongside the public statement of His Worship the Mayor of Windhoek, in apologizing for an act of which the impact they failed to assess, amidst COVID-19 and the bitter winter cold.

The Party Leadership expressed shock at these actions because none of the IPC Councillors made an effort to verify the facts presented to them by the City Police, before agreeing to be a party to the public statements made by the mayor. They failed to hear the side of the Tobias Hainyeko residents affected by the action of the City Police.

The Party Leadership further noted that as representatives of the IPC in the City Council, the IPC councillors did not see the need to engage the party leadership of the fact the IPC does not condone, in any way, the violation of the dignity of our citizens as explicitly stated in and as we are bound by our IPC constitution as well as the Namibian Constitution.

The leadership’s visit to the demolition site observed the devastating human psychological trauma on the faces of the children and adults. The potential long-term impact on their psychological well-being of especially the children have no been determined. The victims of this inhumane act from the CoW did not only destroy their property be exposed the already vulnerable people to severe cold temperatures and disease.

The IPC shall never condone such barbaric acts of violation of our peoples’ dignity. This does not mean that we condone breaches of the law but we cannot justify actions that are a result of years of failure to address effectively the housing concerns of our citizens.
Consequently, all IPC Councillors on the City Council are hereby restrained from participating in council activities with immediate effect. This restriction will remain in force until 17:00 30 July 2021.

During this period, you will not be representing IPC in any council matters whatsoever, and are further directed to do introspection whether you still have the interest of the Namibian People at heart in your representation capacity.

Upon the removal of the restraining directive, the Party shall seek that the City resolve the housing problem as a matter of urgency, by donating land to the landless people of our city.

The obligations of our Party is to the electorate who elected the Party and whom you are representing on behalf of the IPC.

Take further note that as IPC representatives Councillors in the City of Windhoek, IPC is not in any coalition agreement with any political party and political association in any form or manner since the 30th of June 2021, following the failure of these political parties and political formations to sign a coalition agreement with the IPC in May 2021.

Therefore, it is a misrepresentation for anyone to speak on behalf of a coalition that does not exist in the City of Windhoek.


TRUSTING you being in good health, we are hereby seeking to inform you of the party’s decision to restrain ALL councillors representing the Independent Patriots for Change at our chambers.

Please take note, as within the powers of a political party that fielded a councillor and in accordance with our IPC party constitution of Article 4,60, ALL IPC councillors have been restrained by the party from representing IPC in any capacity in the City of Windhoek council in terms of Code4.1 of the conduct of members of the local authorities.

The restriction is effective immediately and will remain in force until 17:00 on Friday the 30th of July 2012.

Please take note that, this action includes that ALL honourable councillors shall not occupy any premises, attend any meetings and/or be on any delegation/deputation of the City of Windhoek council as being on the ticket of the IPC.

Furthermore, be cautiously advised that this action by the IPC in relation to the councillors does not constitute evoking Section 13(1)(g) of the Local Authorities Act.

Both documents were signed by Christine Esperanza Aochamus, the National General-Secretary of the IPC.

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