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Mourning stiff in the Ovaherero community

Mourning stiff in the Ovaherero community

Marthina Mutanga


AS the Ovaherero people continue to mourn the passing of great leaders from their community, many families have been forced to find new ways of grieving as the traditional way goes against currently COVID-19 regulations.


Ovaherero funeral, especially those involving prominent figures are usually attending by hundred, if not thousands.


With the new way, the Ovaherero have to drastically cut down and limit the number of people attending.


Families also have to choose who will represent them, as a single family can consist of hundreds of family members.


Social distancing, face masks and sanitizing systematically cleaning their and spraying the house where the mourning has to take place.


The President’s press secretary, Alfredo Tjiurimo Hengari, said that the State is still in consultation to decide on the funeral date of the late Dr. Ngarikutuke Tjiriange and Dr. Zed Ngavirue.


Mourning Ovaherero community COVID-19 regulations


Uapingena Karaerua, a relative of the late Professor Mburumba Kerina, said that no decision has been made on when the Professor will be buried.


Spokesperson of the Ovaherero Traditional Authority (OTA), Mutjinde Katjiua, said the Event Management Committee of the OTA is working tirelessly to put in place all funeral arrangements of the late Paramount Chief Advocate Vekuii Rukoro.


The Transitional Committee will also engage the Secretary to Cabinet, George Simataa, who is also the Chairperson of the National Preparatory Committee, to discuss how the state protocol for state funerals can be incorporated in the OTA programme.


The OTA is awaiting government’s response after it requested that they be allowed to break Covid-19 burial protocol and extend the funeral to 18 July.


According to Katjiua, given all the cultural activities that need to take place before their Chief is finally laid to rest, burying Rukoro within seven days since his passing is impossible.


“We hope that the Honourable Minister Kalumbi Shangula hasa full understanding of the situation,” he said.


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