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Gaza conflict intensifies

Gaza conflict intensifies

Staff Reporter


DEADLY fights between mobs of Israelis and Arabs have broken out in the streets of cities in Israel as the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza strip is still escalating.


While Palestinian militants continue to fire rockets into Tel Aviv Israeli forces are amassing tanks and troops on the border of the enclave and are executing punishing bombing campaigns from the air.


Violence has also spread to mixed communities of Jews and Arabs in Israel, a new front in the long conflict. Synagogues were attacked and fighting broke out on the streets of some towns, prompting Israel’s president to warn of civil war.


At least 87 people have been killed in Gaza, including 18 children, over the past four days, Palestinian medical officials said. Hospitals already under heavy pressure because of the COVID-19 pandemic have faced further strain.


Seven people have been killed in Israel: a soldier patrolling the Gaza border, five Israeli civilians, including two children, and an Indian worker, Israeli authorities said.


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Militants fired rocket salvoes at Tel Aviv and surrounding towns, Israel’s commercial heartland, with the Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepting many of them. Communities near the Gaza border and the southern desert city of Beersheba were also targeted.


Five Israelis were wounded by a rocket that hit a building near Tel Aviv.
Israeli warplanes struck a multi-story residential building in Gaza that it said belonged to Hamas, the Islamist group that controls the Palestinian enclave.


Israeli aircraft also attacked a Hamas intelligence headquarters and four apartments belonging to senior commanders from the group, the military said, adding that the homes were used for planning and directing strikes on Israel.


Israel launched its offensive after Hamas fired rockets at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in retaliation for Israeli police clashes with Palestinians near al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.


Since then Israel has been building up forces on the Gaza border which raised speculation about a possible ground invasion.


So far some 1,750 rockets have been fired at Israel, of which 300 fell short in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military said.


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