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Shortage of fights hampers amateur boxing

Shortage of fights hampers amateur boxing

Maria David


AT the recent MTC Northern Boxing Championship, a notable number of amateur boxers have turned to throw in the towel, which translated into a lot of technical knockouts during matches.


The exciting and entertaining night of amateur boxing held at Ongwediva on Saturday proved further that more preparations in terms of skill sharpening are needed if they are to realize their potential and dreams of turning professional and prospect future champions.


Moreover, the impact of COVID-19 has negatively contributed to the poor attendance of boxers at the various gyms to keep fit.


The founder of Kilimanjaro Boxing Club Joseph Bernard stated that boxing like any other sport has been negatively affected by the outbreak of COVID-19.


“With regulations and rules implemented, boxers had to reduce their frequent visit to the gyms,” he said.


Shortage fights MTC Northern Boxing Championship amateur boxers
Photo by Maria David


Bernhard indicated that boxers need more fights, as their poor performance is attributed to them staying long without fighting.


He explained that if they are to develop and improve many of the amateur boxers, they need to ensure that fights are held at least three-fours a year.


“Many of the boxers are very tired and no longer fit for getting punches,” he said.


On the site of boxing, Bernhard indicated that if it was not for MTC investing in boxing, many of the talents would have not been discovered by anyone.


He stated that he would love to work with everybody to keep the boxing sport alive in the regions, through the financial boost given by MTC, as the funds do not only belong to his club alone.


Boxers from the Oshikoto, Oshana, Omusati, and Kunene regions took part in the championship while athletes from Ohangwena opted to not take part in the championship.


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