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Support local businesses

Support local businesses

Maria David


THE government continues to call on its Offices, Ministries, and Agencies of government (OMA’s) to implement its directive of procuring locally produced goods, especially agricultural produce.


According to the Executive Director of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform Percy Misika, some of the institutions have already started procuring local products, while some are yet to start procuring.


Misika explained that when the directive was first given in 2019, some institutions were still in agreement with the suppliers and waiting for the agreement period to end.


This, Misika stated, is done with the sole purpose of avoiding legal action being taken against certain OMA’s.


Support local businesses government Offices Ministries Agencies government OMA
PROGRESSIVE STEPS: Executive Director of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform Percy Misika. – Photo by Maria David


“If we are not consuming our own produce food, how do we expect the international market to purchase,” he said.


The former Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein, issued the directive stating that the procurement of the products shall be Namibian manufacturers, producers and suppliers only and the procurement of goods manufactured or produced in Namibia is only allowed.


However, in the event that locally produced goods are not available and all local suppliers have confirmed in writing that these goods are not available a proof of non-availability is needed to be submitted to the public entity.


The directive then came into effect in 2019, and public entities were expected to comply.


Oshana Regional Governor Elia Irimari said there is a need to introduce pricing mechanisms and educate farmers to enhance the production of much-desired grades in the Northern Communal Area (NCA).


Irimari noted that the NCA is home to more than 70% of the country’s population that depends on agriculture alone.


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