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Shebeen owners cheating San people out of their money

Shebeen owners cheating San people out of their money

Maria David

OMUNDAUNGILO constituency councillor Festus Ikanda has taken a swipe at residents of his area who are cheating members of the marginalised San community out of their monthly social grant from government.

Ikanda said that reports were brought to his attention that there are some shebeen owners who allegedly give unlimited ‘alcohol credit’ to San people and then collect their money immediately after the pension payout.

Ikanda said that elderly people and people living with disabilities (PLWD) within the San community were the main targets of the scheme.

“Some of them spend as much as N$1 000 just to settle their shebeen accounts, leaving them with nothing to live on. That is total madness,” said Ikanda.

Shebeen owners cheating San people money councillor Festus Ikanda
Pictured: Omundaungilo Constituency Councillor, Festus Ikanda. Photo:

He explained that the San people were previously marginalised and therefore considered as needy.

“They use the social grants they receive from government to buy their basic needs. There are unfortunately unscrupulous elements who cheat them of their money,” he said.

Ikanda stated that alcohol was not supposed to be given out on credit, adding that alcohol given on credit is deliberately overpriced.

“This is unacceptable,” he said.

He indicated that starting Tuesday, his office will carry out an investigation in collaboration with representatives of the San community and the Namibian Police to find out exactly how the scheme works and to find solutions to the problem.

The investigation team will, among others, visit pension payout points.

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