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Father recounts the horror of his daughter’s rape

Father recounts the horror of his daughter’s rape

Staff Reporter


WHEN Simon Haimbodi entered his home on that fateful Friday evening of 13 November 2020 an air of terror permeated the surroundings, his two youngest children sat in the living room, whilst his eldest daughter retreated to a dark bedroom.


When he entered the room, Haimbodi (not real name) said that his daughter grabbed his arm in fear and relayed to him details of the rape that would later see her fleeing her own community due to stigma and fright.


In an interview with Informanté at a shack nestled in-between the mountains of Havana, Haimbodi related his story and stated that after knocking off from work on Friday 13 November 2020, he left his three children aged 10, 12, and 14 respectively at home to visit an uncle.


Father recounts horror daughter rape Simon Haimbodi Friday November 2020


He added that after a few hours of visiting he received numerous call me requests from his eldest daughter, who urged him to come home immediately when he called her.


He said that upon his arrival, his daughter told him that she had been raped by their neighbour, Adreas Shiwana, a soldier of the Namibian Defence Force.


The suspect allegedly lured her into his room with the promise of giving her bread.


Haimbodi stated that his daughter told him that the suspect further threatened her not to tell anyone of the incident or face dire consequences.


Haimbodi noted that after reporting the incident, his daughter went through medical tests and was prescribed medicine, however she never received counselling, as social workers at home affairs at the time were away on a workshop.


He further added that his daughter’s mental health was further affected by the suspect, who lives a few meters away from them, receiving bail on 12 February 2021 as well as community members gathering close to their house “to have a glimpse of the girl who got raped”.


“Kids would whisper and tease her at school and people in the community started coming to a bar next to our house and would try to talk to her, wanting to know the details of the incident. Later on, my daughter could not stand her environment anymore and she moved to the north to escape all of this. I am, however, worried about her mental health as she has not spoken to anyone professional since the incident,” Haimbodi noted.


He added that currently, he stays only with his two youngest children and is currently unemployed due to COVID-19 and urges anyone who can help his family out in any way to do so.


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