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Good rain restores hope

Good rain restores hope

Placido Hilukilwa


THE torrential rains of the past seven days have restored northern subsistence farmers’ hope of a fairly good harvest this year, but also raised the fear of potential flooding and the accompanying incidents of drowning.


The situation has changed drastically since 16 March when it started raining again, ending a month-long dry spell.


“The situation has in a matter of days changed from despair to hope,” said Timo Nghiluudile, Oshakati resident who farms in the Omungwelume area of the Ohangwena Region.


  • Good rain restores hope rains northern subsistence farmers good harvest


However, he also expressed fear of possible flooding based on the volume of water.


“The mass of water flowing in from the north appears to suggest that efundja is coming,” he said.


The oshanas are full of rainwater, some rural roads are now out of bounds for vehicular movement, and there is a visible recovery of what remained of the crops.


A number of houses in the suburbs and informal settlements are inundated.


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