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COVID-19 cases in schools are concerning

COVID-19 cases in schools are concerning

Marthina Mutanga


THE Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and along the Ministry of Health and Social Services are extremely concerned about the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in schools across Namibia.


Both ministries noted are in close contact with all schools to provide proper guidance as per the health protocols and safety measures.


The Executive Director of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp said all officials are really working hard to control the spread.


COVID-19 cases schools Ministry Education Arts Culture Health Social Services Namibia


The health ministry is concerned as COVID-19 infections among learners and teachers continue to rise unabated.


Steenkamp indicated that the spread among children is faster and that children can be carriers of the virus without displaying any symptoms.


The management bodies at all schools are being shown how to deal with the concern in collaboration with the ministry of health while some parts of hostel blocks have been designated as isolation facilities while learners are divided into groups.


Steenkamp also said there is a concern that learners are complaining that they are sleeping too much and that there is psychosocial pressure and the ministry is making social workers available to help to support them.


“If the child is showing symptoms or teachers are showing any flu they must remain home to avoid the exposure and the ministry is aware and they are providing all the support and guidance on how this should be handling,” Steenkamp said.


Steenkamp said that from the beginning of the pandemic, the ministry has pledged to take action whenever it sees the threat of further spread.


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