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The Cruellest Cut

The Cruellest Cut

FLIPSIDE — by Chris Jacobie


The instructions of the First Lady, Monica Geingos, to her lawyers, to sue a self-confessed liar and social media scavenger, Abed Hishoono, for defamation, is an act of bravery.


More than that, it is a call to the nation to act to restore national dignity in conversation and dialogue by rallying behind the most abused woman in our Namibian society.


When the presidency who is the protector of the sovereign is the target of serial abusers of the dignity of any people it is time to stand firm.


No wife, mother, daughter and sister in Namibia’s history were subjected to more relentless abuse, insult and personal attack than Monica Kalondo/Geingos.


The decision of me. Kalondo/Geingos to now seek legal remedy, should not be a surprise.


Of all remedies – her bravery to speak up for the continuously abused – will be the biggest contributor to slowly restore the dignity of all Namibians.


instructions First Lady Monica Geingos lawyers self-confessed liar social media scavenger Abed Hishoono


The first lady does not need advice.


If love ever looks for a witness of its strength, it does not have to look further than the endurance of the relationship of the First Family that weathered impossible storms which were intended to divide, to hurt and to doubt.


Even if the generosity of Monica Kalondo and her family allows the apology of Hishoono, it should not be accepted by the rest of free and law-abiding Namibia, because it is no apology, but rather a flight from fright.


Hishoono’s freedom of speech is a small sacrifice in favour of Namibian family values and common decency. He does not deserve the unchecked speech that he often abuses to unleash insult and incitement.


He should not cry. He got what he was looking for, but less than he deserves.


In the same vein, his apology was not an act of sincerity, but a stupid miscalculation that if you apologize you are no more accountable.


Hishoono must face the law that he so easily flaunted and Namibia and the First Lady should hold him to account.


Monica Kalondo/Geingos was a successful woman on various fronts before she married the President and he will forgive Namibians who say that he married a woman who had more than him and could not have married him for money.


The damages that she should get from the self-confessed liar can go to her own foundation or to any other worthy cause of her choice.


It will be a good idea if Hishoono agrees to community service as part of a settlement to serve the women in his Eenhana area who toil in Mahangu fields to feed him and the nation and walk kilometres for water and wood to cook for the likes of him who insult women.


The fact is that a man who insults the First Lady, will insult all other ladies, including the women who are supposed to be close to him and rely on him to protect their dignity.


If Hishoono claims that he made a mistake he is even a bigger liar than he confessed to be.


For that alone, the nation should not allow the shadows of the cowards of social media to fall over them.


It is enough.


Namibians must never be afraid to choose right before might. Dignity will keep Namibia free.

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