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Fishcor set to clarify issues

Fishcor set to clarify issues

Niël Terblanché


AFTER more than a year of silence, the severe challenges currently faced by the embattled National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor) is about to be clarified.


Mihe Gaomab, the Chairman of Fishcor’s temporary Board of Directors is set to clarify some of the difficult issues that have mired the company’s public image since the involvement of some of its senior management members in the Fishrot corruption scandal were exposed to the world.


The Chairman of the National Fishing Cooperation of Namibia (Fishcor) gives an update on the developments at Corporation.


It is expected that Gaomab will shed more light on the results of the recent public auction of 11 000 tonnes of hake as well as the freezing of some of the company’s bank accounts after some breaches in the foreign exchange controls were detected by the Financial Intelligence Centre of the Bank of Namibia.


The statement of the temporary board chairman is also expected to cover the state-owned company’s plans to rid itself of salary and municipal debt running into the millions.


Gaomab might also explain the company’s decision to bring an application to Namibia’s High Court to avoid an arbitration process started by Seaflower Pelagic Processing with regards to the approximately 100 000 tonnes of horse mackerel it is contractually bound to exploit with its partner in the joint venture, Africa Selection Fishing Namibia.

Fishcor National Fishing Corporation Namibia clarified
Pictured: Mihe Gaomab. Photo: File

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