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More new homes for Twaloloka fire victims

More new homes for Twaloloka fire victims

Niël Terblanché


AFTER living in tents for nearly eight months, 121 beneficiaries from the victims of the Twaloloka fire disaster will be allowed to start building new houses for themselves.


The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni officiated at the official groundbreaking of the project where permanent houses will be constructed for the former residents of the informal settlement that was destroyed by fire at the end of July 2020.


Uutoni said the Namibian Government has availed funds that enabled the Walvis Bay Municipality to install the necessary services such as water, sewerage, and electricity and to prepare the ground where the new Otweya neighbourhood will be built.


“The congestion of people will be a thing of the past and individual households will have ample space to rebuild their lives,” he said.


new homes Twaloloka fire victims 121 beneficiaries disaster building houses
NEW FOUNDATIONS: The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni reaks the ground where trenches will be dug for the foundations of new houses for the victims of the Twaloloka fire disaster.


The minister said proper roads will also allow for easy access for people to their new homes.


Uutoni encouraged the people that would benefit from the rebuilding project to help those that will be doing the work wherever they can.


“Don’t wait for someone to come and do these things for you. I want you to jump in and help and see to the construction of your houses,” he urged.


The minister requested the Walvis Bay local authority to intensify similar projects while promising that he will continue to lobby for more funds to drive such initiatives.


“The successful and timely completion of this project will be a source of hope and pride for the homeowners of Otweya. I appeal and encourage the Shack Dwellers Federation that will act as the contractors to make sure that this project is delivered within the expected time frame of three months,” Uutoni said.


The Mayor of Walvis Bay, Trevino Forbes said that once completed, the 121 new houses will be a beacon of hope for every homeless person in Walvis Bay.


“It should be a symbol of what collective collaboration can achieve,” he said.


Forbes promised that the local authority is working extremely hard to ensure that Walvis Bay will become a shack-free community.


“Our collective commitment towards improving the lives of residents have been given expression with the start of this project,” he said.


The mayor gave the assurance that more such projects are to follow in the near future and that the government is ready to assist.


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