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Good rains have been a boon to farmers

Good rains have been a boon to farmers

Marthina Mutanga


THE recent good rainfall has been a boon to farmers, as nearly half of Namibia’s people depend on subsistence farming.


The abundant rain has filled many of the country’s most important reservoirs to capacity.


The typically dry region has sporadic storm-drain systems, and some roads are poorly equipped to handle heavy rain. Flash floods and overflowing ephemeral rivers posed problems for much of January.


Good rains boon farmers good rainfall Namibia subsistence farming


Odillo Kgobetsi Chief Forecaster of the Namibia Metrological Services said that thunderstorms will extend over the central-north this weekend where the conditions can become heavy in places. Dry air will persist in the Karas region. A few clouds will develop over the interior. Rain will continue in the northeastern regions.


High temperatures are expected in the North and South becoming warm to hot over the weekend.


The month of January 2021, was a good month in terms of rainfall over most regions of the country with the exception of the extreme western areas.


The accumulated totals for the month showed above normal to normal rainfall over the North-eastern sector, southeastern Karas, and parts of the Erongo region.


He said normal rainfall was observed in parts of Otjozondjupa, Zambezi, and Hardap regions.


On a seasonal scale from October 2020 to January 2021, the rainfall was in the above normal category for most parts of the country especially in the eastern Karas, western Odjozondjupa, and the border between Omaheke and Khomas regions.


The bulk of the western parts of the country maintained the below normal rainfall category since the beginning of the season.


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