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Reopened borders create new tourism opportunities

Reopened borders create new tourism opportunities

Niël Terblanché


THE recent reopening of land borders between South Africa and Namibia for the purposes of general leisure travel has created new opportunities for the Namibian Tourism industry.


In just a few short weeks sustained rain completely transformed the Namibian landscape from desolation to abundance.


New growth of pant life, flooding rivers, a revival of wildlife, and general optimism is budding along with new shoots of grass and gave rise to the hope that Namibians will be after all be able to share the beautiful scenery with visitors from abroad.


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Earlier this week the South African Government announced that people of that country will once again be able to travel to Namibia through the border posts at Nakop and Vioolsdrift. South Africans wishing to travel to Namibia through Botswana will also be able to do so after the border post at Skilpadhek, Kopfontein, Groblersbridge, and Ramathbama were also reopened.


At the same time the Airlink, a privately owned airline from South Africa announced that it will open a new route between Walvis Bay and Cape Town.


The first direct flight from Cape Town is expected to land at the Walvis Bay International Airport on the 2nd day of March 2021.


Airlink is already servicing three other direct flights into Namibia. These are the Johannesburg to Windhoek flight, Cape Town to Windhoek flight, and the Johannesburg to Walvis Bay flight.


Although travel by air was not restricted by South African authorities, the opening of the new flight route will ease the way for new business and leisure travellers.


Walvis Bay is an important economic hub and gateway to some of Namibia’s most prized tourist destinations.


Airlink flights between Walvis Bay and Cape Town will be scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


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