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Testimonies in Lichtenstrasser trial intensify

Testimonies in Lichtenstrasser trial intensify

Eba Kandovazu


MORE witnesses continued to give their account of events on the morning that Nimt Executives Eckart Mueller and Heimo Hellwig were gunned down at the hands of an employee.


Karolina Tsuses, employed as a cleaner at the NIMT’s Arandis campus told the court that she, on 15 April 2019 crossed with a bakkie, seemingly that of the accused person in the matter, Ernst Lichtenstrasser on her way to work. When she arrived to work that morning, Mueller and Hellwig were lying in a pool of blood.


Tsuses told Judge Christie Liebenberg that she was ‘very shocked’ to see that a ‘white man’ was driving along a path that was only used by NIMT employees when they went to dispose of refuse. She testified that although she did not check to see the exact time, the bakkie crossed her path as she had arrived on the campus premises at exactly 06:55. Her estimate is that she had crossed paths with the bakkie some five minutes earlier. Her description of the bakkie is that it is similar to one of her colleagues at Nimt.


Testimonies Lichtenstrasser trial witnesses Nimt Executives Eckart Mueller Heimo Hellwig
TRIAL: Ernst Lichtenstrasser in court today. Photo by Eba Kandovazu


According to Tsuses, when she and other colleagues arrived at the campus that morning, they were told to go back home and only return to work a week after the fatal shooting incident.


The commencement of the murder trial was delayed due to the unavailability of an Interpreter.


An agitated Lichtenstrasser said the delay, which was approximately 30 minutes was an infringement on his rights to a speedy trial.


“An innocent man has to suffer because of this. My rights to a fair and speedy trial are being violated. Systems in this country should change”. Lichtenstrasser shouted from the dock, shortly after an announcement that an interpreter wasn’t available and that one was on his way.


The doctor that examined during a post mortem procedure on the two deceased persons, Dr. Agustu Gawab informed the court that Mueller was shot multiple times in the head, chest, his upper arm, his nose and his hand. Hellwig was shot in the head and chest.


Deputy Prosecutor General Antonia Verhoeff is representing the state, with Albert Titus representing Lichtenstrasser on Legal aid instructions.


The trial continues


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