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Pathologist testifies in NIMT murder trial

Pathologist testifies in NIMT murder trial

Eba Kandovazu


THE pathologist that conducted the post mortem examinations on the victims of a brutal double murder at the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology in April 2019 explained the severity of the injuries while testifying in the Lichtenstrasser murder trial.


Eckhart Mueller and Heimo Hellwig was two executives of the technical college was shot at close range in front of the administration building on the morning of 16 April 2019.
The accused in the matter, Ernest Lichtenstrasser at the start of the murder trial entered a plea of not guilty and denied any involvement in the shooting of the two men.


MURDER TRIAL: Ernst Lichtenstrasser consulting with his lawyer in the Windhoek High Court during an adjournment in proceedings. – Video by Eba Kandovazu


Dr. Augustu Gawab during his testimony explained how the victims died and the extent of the gunshot wounds they sustained when they were hit by the assassin.


Another witness, an employee at the NIMT campus, Gertrude Naobes took the stand to testify.


She was the second person to arrive on the murder scene minutes after the fatal shootings. The only other person on the scene was a security guard at the campus


Naobes has been employed at NIMT for over 25 years as a hostel patron. She testified that she heard gunshots at exactly 06:30.
She stated that she saw Hellwig and Mueller arriving at the campus two minutes before multiple gunshots rang out and that she immediately called the police.


“The police did not seem ready when they arrived at the scene. Upon their arrival they didn’t even cover the bodies nor did they cordon off the scene,” she recounted.


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