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President ordered to answer to AR

President ordered to answer to AR

Eba Kandovazu


A HIGH Court Judge this morning ordered president Hage Geingob to answer a lawsuit in which the Affirmative Repositioning movement (AR) is demanding that he meets his end an agreement to service 200 000 plots on urban land, countrywide.


The agreement dates back to 2015.


The AR’s legal representative, Kadhila Amoomo explained that the agreement was a verbal one. President Geingob’s lawyers insisted in court that he was not compelled to respond to the lawsuit.


VICTORY: Kadhila Amoomo, who represented the AR in a High Court matter against President Hage Geingob. Photo: Eba Kandovazu


Judge Obrien Sibeya, however, gave an order, compelling the President to tender his plea. The government was also ordered to pay the costs of the AR legal team.


“The lawyers acting on behalf of the President thought that it is not necessary for the Head of State to answer to the case at all because, in their view, the manner in which the case is drafted is deficient. What they are saying is that the agreement that was entered into by the AR and the President does not amount to a valid agreement because apparently he was acting in his executive capacity and could therefore not enter into a valid agreement with the AR, binding the government. That is what they were arguing and they did so unsuccessfully,” Amoomo explained.


After the order was handed down, the matter was postponed to 16 March 2021 for a case planning conference. The conference will determine a date that will allow President Geingob an opportunity to tender his plea and answer the case.


“The President must come out himself and say that the agreement he entered into with our client during 2015 is not binding for either legal or factual reasons. That answer must come before a court. It cannot simply be argued by lawyers as they tried to do now. They tried to get the case dismissed without it having been heard at all,” Amoomo explained.


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