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Nakapandi PS receives donation

Nakapandi PS receives donation

Nathanael Heita


BANK Windhoek has donated chairs and desks valued at N$25 000 to the Nakapandi Primary School in the Ohangwena Region.


The school made headlines last year when it came to light that most of its 130 learners had to squat in the classroom due to a lack of chairs.


Donations started pouring in immediately after Informanté broke the news about this needy rural school that also lacks facilities such as a library, toilets, and electricity.


DONATION: Bank Windhoek donated desks and chairs to the Nakapandi Primary School. – Photo: Nathanael Heita


Teachers say that printing and making copies remains a serious challenge. They make use of printing shops at Ongha settlement, sometimes paying from their own pockets.


Bank Windhoek’s was the second big donation since the plight of the school became known.


Mirjam Mwatile Ndinoshiho, a Windhoek-based “Good Samaritan” was the first to respond, donating 118 chairs worth N$29 000.


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