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Thousands of crush pens vandalised

Thousands of crush pens vandalised

Maria David


MORE than 2 000 crush pens in the northern communal areas will have to be rebuilt after the infrastructure was vandalised or were just left to fall into a state of disrepair.


This was revealed by Chief Veterinarian North West Sub-Division, Disease Control Kennedy Shoombe when he said that the Oshana Region has only 163 crush pens which attribute to the shortage.


Shoombe said more crush pens are needed because the population has increased significantly while more people migrated to areas that were previously not occupied.


Thousands crush pens vandalised northern communal rebuilt infrastructure
Pictured: Chief Veterinarian North West Sub-Division, Disease Control Kennedy Shoombe. Photo: File


“The movement of people has attributed to the shortage of crush pens across the northern communal areas,” he said.


Shoombe noted that Oshana’s livestock population has decreased from over 160 000 to 71 714 livestock as a result of the drought.


He said that there is hope that the agriculture ministry will avail finances to repair and rebuild when the economy improves.


He said that the ministry did not provide crush pens for the past five years because of financial constraints. He added that a project by the European Development Funds 11 (EDF11) is underway to construct crush pens.


Several farmers complained that the absence of no quarantine facilities for livestock in the Oshana Region has affected farmers negatively as they are suffering and made it difficult to control disease.


However, Shoombe said livestock control in the region is very difficult to quarantine livestock, but, if there is any land available in Oshana for Ministry and for free, then the ministry can put up a quarantine facility.


Councillor of Ompundja Aldof Uunona, said they have previously made land available for livestock quarantine facility to be constructed in the constituency and still remain to be available.


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