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Two male victims emerge in Jan Möhr rape case

Two male victims emerge in Jan Möhr rape case

Zorena Jantze


INFORMATION that came out of the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court this morning has revealed that the 53-year-old Jan Möhr teacher, Nathaniel Kamatuka, who is accused of raping a 19-year-old male learner at the school last week Wednesday, also sexually violated another male learner who is underage on the same day.


As a result, Kamatuka was charged with two counts of rape this morning, after the initial two charges of sodomy were changed to reflect that the two victims did not consent.


Appearing before Magistrate Samunzala Samunzala in a Jan Möhr school shirt, the mathematics teachers, who was allowed to tender in his resignation on Saturday after it emerged that he sexually violated a learner in a toilet of the gym mall, tried to hide his face from the media.


State Prosecutor Rowan van Wyk informed the court that after raping the 19-year-old learner on the school premises, Kamatuka continued his sexual exploits at the Windhoek school and again sexually violated a minor on the same day while applying physical force.


CAMERA SHY: Rape accused mathematics teacher, Nathaniel Kamatuka. – Video: Zorena Jantze


Prosecutor van Wyk explained that the state is objecting to bail as there are still seven outstanding statements from both dockets and the accused might interfere with investigations as statements have to be collected from learners and associates.


He further added that if released on bail, the accused might abscond and not stand trial due to the seriousness of the matter.


The first complainant, however, did not object to Kamatuka being granted bail on the conditions that the accused does not come into close proximity to him or try to call or contact him in any manner.


The 19-year-old victim did, however, object to Kamatuka teaching at Jan Möhr or any other school.


Kamatuka on his part informed the court that he is no longer a teacher at the school and as such, will not interfere with the minor.
He further added that through the instruction of his private lawyer, he will open a counter charge against complainant one.


The matter was postponed to 5 March 2021 for further police investigations.


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