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Striking NBC staff still waiting

Striking NBC staff still waiting

Marthina Mutanga


Namibian Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC) employees are still waiting for the outcome of a board decision with regards to their strike for higher remuneration.


The national broadcasting employees handed their petition containing their grievances to a representative of the board last Friday. In the petition, the employees demand a salary increment.


NBC Board Chairman Lazarus Jacobs said they have received the petition on Friday from the Rundu offices and that the board will meet in this week to decide what to do about the demands.


Besides the salary increase, the disgruntled workers also demanded that a forensic audit be performed on the broadcaster’s finances, to stop the private payroll system for executives, that performance bonuses are paid back, and the removal of the current board.


Striking NBC staff Namibian Broadcasting Cooperation employees strike


Employees again took to the street during lunchtime on Monday to demonstrate peacefully until their demands are met.


Stanley Similo, the Director-General of NBC in a statement said despite all the headwinds facing the NBC, the Board of Directors is amenable to a once-off payment which is valued at N$7,605,000.00 for employees in the Bargaining Unit.


Similo noted that it was also communicated that the intention is to effect payment of amounts varying from N$10,000 to N$20,000 per employee in the Bargaining Unit or it could be a flat N$15,000 as a once-off.


However, these are subject to NBC sourcing the funds to cater for this. NAPWU was also reminded of the fact that about 70 percent of NBC employees in the bargaining unit have been receiving notch increases of between 3.5 percent to 4 percent as well as a guaranteed 13th cheques and bonuses religiously for the past five years.


According to Similo, claims that NBC employees did not receive any wage increases of some kind for the past two years, are totally false.


The remaining 30 percent are employees who have reached the maximum notch levels of the salary scales and would obviously not qualify for notch increases but have received their 13th cheque and bonuses annually for the past five consecutive years.


He lastly said that the Wage Negotiations is a process on its own and cannot be linked to any of the above.


Equally, the NBC never made any announcement about the staff that is on the conventional normal pay structure receiving their contractual notch increase and or 13th cheque payments to the rest of the staff.

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