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Father confesses to killing baby son after argument with mother

Father confesses to killing baby son after argument with mother

Eba Kandovazu


A 27-year-old man from Gobabis, Dawid Nowaseb, this morning admitted to killing his ten-month-old son two years ago after an argument with the baby’s mother.


Nowaseb admitted that on the night of 18 October 2018, he threw August Geinamseb to the ground, resulting in the baby’s death.


“Out of anger I intentionally threw the child to the ground, hitting his head. I was informed that he later died. I am remorseful and I regret this incident,” Nowaseb told the court through his lawyer, Eliaser Shiikwa.


Nowaseb is facing four charges, namely murder, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm (gbh), common assault and escape from custody.


Father confesses killing baby son mother Gobabis Dawid Nowaseb
CONFESSION: Dawie Nowaseb. Photo: Eba Kandovazu


Regarding the assault charges, he is accused of physically harming the mother of his two children, Lusia Geinamseb, by hitting her with a stone and slapping her.


Nowaseb has denied the charge, but did not explain to the court why he pleaded not guilty for assault gbh.


For the escape from lawful custody charge, Nowaseb reportedly escaped from prison in August 2019 while he was doing gardening work on the police premises.


He has pleaded guilty to this charge and explained that he ran away to a nearby farm where he went to look for his birth certificate before the police arrested him.


The state is alleging that on the fateful day, Lusia and Nowaseb went to a local shebeen in Gobabis when an argument between the lovers erupted, leading to Nowaseb Lusia so hard that she fell to the ground.

Later that night, another argument erupted outside their home and Nowaseb hit her with a stone before she ran into the house to take shelter. He reportedly took their two children and went into the bushes.


According to Nowaseb’s plea explanation, read into the record by Shiikwa, Lusia and her family relatives followed him, however, before they could rescue the children from their father, Nowaseb threw his youngest child to the ground and hit his head.


Lusia, who was the first state witness at the commencement of the trial this morning, told Judge Christie Liebenberg that before Nowaseb left the house he informed her that he is going to kill the son and then himself.


“He was walking away with the baby on his shoulders and we followed him. I pleaded with him to give me the baby, but as I got closer he threw the child to the ground. When I picked him up his nose was bleeding, his mouth was bleeding and his head was swollen,” an emotional Lusia narrated.


The state, represented by Joseph Andreas, has in the meantime refused to accept Nowaseb’s guilty plea for the murder charge. His guilty plea pertaining to the escape from custody has, however, been accepted.


The matter proceeds as more state witnesses are expected to give their testimonies.


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