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NBC staff refuse pay offer, move forward with strike

NBC staff refuse pay offer, move forward with strike

Marthina Mutanga


EMPLOYEES of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) will go forth with plans to have a peaceful demonstration tomorrow regarding salary increases after negotiations between the management of the national broadcaster and the Namibian Public Workers Union (NAPWU) reached a deadlock.


In a meeting this week between management and the union, NBC offered to pay a once-off payment valued at N$7,605,000 for employees in the bargaining unit, which would mean that low paid workers, such as cleaners, will get a once off amount between N$15 000 and N$25 000.


Employees are, however, against the proposed once-off payment and are instead demanding for salary increments.


Stanley Similo, the Director General of NBC, in a statement further noted that it was also communicated that the intention was to effect payment of amounts varying from N$10,000 to N$20,000 per employee in the bargaining unit or a flat N$15,000 as once off.


“Following the Board meeting on Tuesday, 19th January 2021, the NBC Management met the NAPWU leadership on Tuesday, 26th January 2021 and the following wage negotiation feedback was provided to NAPWU. NBC is always committed to any negotiation process geared towards mutual benefit to both the employer and employees,” said Similo.


Similo further noted that about 70% of NBC employees in the bargaining unit have been receiving notch increases of between 3.5% and 4%, as well as guaranteed 13th Cheques Bonuses religiously for the past five years.


According to Similo, claims that all NBC employees have not received any wage increases of some kind for the past two years is totally false.


The outstanding 30% are employees who have reached the maximum notch levels of the salary scales and would obviously not qualify for notch increases, but have received their 13th Cheque Bonuses annually for the past five consecutive years, he said.


Similo added that NBC has for the past five years and as per legal contractual obligation, paid an amount of N$53million to employees on both TCTC and Conventional normal salary as guaranteed 13th Cheque Bonuses, notch increases and performance incentives.


Employees on the Conventional normal salary structure alone received their payments for the past five years to the tune of N$47.6million, he said.


This amount means N$9.5million paid every year.

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