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Community come together to rehabilitate road

Community come together to rehabilitate road

Maria David


THE community of Oshipumbu village in the Ompundja constituency have joined hands to rehabilitate a vital gravel road that was completely damaged by previous floods.


The decision to rebuild the gravel road themselves was taken as there currently isn’t enough money at the regional office to rebuild the road even though Constituency councillor, Adolf Uunona, insists that the road is their number one priority.


According to Uunona, his constituency was only availed N$140,000 while contractors who tendered proposals to rehabilitate the gravel road all bid in excess of N$1 million.


  • community Oshipumbu village Ompundja constituency rehabilitate gravel road


“Most of the contractors are claiming that the N$140 000 is too little to pay for gravel road construction. We were told that many of the machines used are hired and they wouldn’t be able to foot their bill with the funds that we are offering,” Uunona explained.


He added that the only delay in rehabilitating the road, which is needed to access at least two schools in the area, is a lack of finances.


“In the meantime we have written a request to the Road Authority for the informal road in the area to be proclaimed in order to benefit the community,” he said.


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