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Graves collapse after heavy rains

Graves collapse after heavy rains

Maria David


HEAVY rainfall received few days ago in Tsumeb has not only caused major potholes on roads and general damage to infrastructure, but has also wreaked havoc at its cemetery.


Several tombstones at the Tsumeb Cemetery have collapse following heavy rains, while others were completely washed away.


Tsumeb Health and Parks Manager, Glenn Kearns, said it isn’t uncommon for tombstones and gravesites to be damages during the rainy season.



He explained that many graves are dug without ensuring that the soil composition is right or that the grave is completely filled up before the tombstone is erected.


Petrus Hango, whose dead relative’s tombstone was one of those that collapsed, said that it was painful seeing what should be a sacred place to honour the dead damaged and not being able to do anything immediately as the rainy season isn’t over yet.


“It’s best that the municipality perhaps relocates the cemetery to a more secure area,” he said.

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