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All major dams filled to the brim

All major dams filled to the brim

Niël Terblanché


SIX of Namibia’s major dams are filled beyond their full capacity? while the Hardap Dam is being closely monitored to keep the water level below 70% to prevent Mariental from being flooded if more heavy rains fall.


Some of the dams that reached full capacity over the past 24 hours are the Swakoppoort Dam between Okahandja and Karibib and the Friedenhau Dam in the Khomas Hochland to the east of Windhoek.


Both dams have very high walls with an automatic overflow system instead of floodgates and the masses of floodwater flowing over their spillways created waterfalls that have not been seen for years, especially in the case of the Friedenhau Dam.


NamWater officials also opened the sludge gates of both dams to get rid of excess mud at the bottom of both dam walls when these two dams reached their maximum capacity.



According to the dam bulletin of NamWater, the water level in the Swakoppoort Dam reached beyond the 100% mark early on Tuesday morning, while the Friedenhau dam started spilling excess water at around midday.


The Swakoppoort Dam is currently at 100.4%, the Friedenhau Dam at 100.5%, the Von Bach Dam at 89.1%, the Omatako Dam at 86.8%, Goreangab Dam on the outskirts of Windhoek at 101.5%, the Otjivero Main Dam at 53.5%, the Otjivero Silt Dam at 25.2%, and the Tilda Viljoen Daan Viljoen dams near Gobabis is at 84.1% and 92.2%, respectively.


The Hardap Dam is currently at 70% after officials had to open the floodgates at the dam again to keep the water below the safety margin.


The Neckartal Dam is currently at 100.3% and spilling sporadically since last week when it reached full capacity for the first time ever almost a week ago.


The Naute Dam near Keetmanshoop is at 92.2%.


The Oanob Dam near Rehoboth is currently standing at 101.5% and spilling sporadically since it also reached full capacity about two weeks ago.


The Dreihukdam is at 47.6%, the Bondels Dam is at 54.1%, the Olushandja Dam is at 17.3%, the Omaruru Delta Dam is currently at 0% and the Omatjene Dam is at 3.2% of full capacity.


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