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Hardap floodgates open again

Hardap floodgates open again

Niël Terblanché


RESIDENTS of Mariental have been keeping a keen eye on the water level of part of the Fish River that flows past the town after the floodgates at the Hardap Dam were opened for a second consecutive day.


After the floodgates were opened on Tuesday morning to let out 200 cubic metres per second, authorities decided to increase the release flow to 500 cubic metres per second because the water level in the dam kept on increasing.


The initial slow release was aimed at flattening the reeds that have been growing uncontrolled for the past few years.


The floodgates at the dam were opened again and water was flowing at a rate of 300 cubic metres per second to keep the water level behind the wall below 70%.



The ground in the catchment area of the rivers that feed into the dam has been saturated with good rains, while those rivers that are not already flowing will flood quickly.


This means that the dam might fill up fast.


By 19:00 on Wednesday, the water level in the dam stood at 67.6% and already had an inflow of 544 metres per second.


Floodgates were still letting water out at a rate of 300 cubic metres per second.


With more rain expected to fall over the catchment areas of rivers feeding into the Hardap Dam overnight, authorities will have to continue monitoring the water level to make sure that they are not caught unaware.


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