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Police warns Shoprite shutdown protestors

Police warns Shoprite shutdown protestors

Niël Terblanché


PLANS from activist groups to disrupt the business of certain Shoprite outlets in Windhoek by shutting them down might be stillborn, if the police has any say.


The Affirmative Repositioning Movement (AR) indicated that it plans to shutdown outlets in the capital if the company fails to resolve issues that led to employees going on strike two days before Christmas.


The acting Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Major General Anna-Marie Nainda, said that the Namibian Food and Allied Workers’ Union (NAFAU) is planning to have a peaceful protest march through the streets of Windhoek on Thursday.


“Elements of the Namibian Police will be deployed to keep law and order and to ensure the safety and security of the public during the march,” she said.


General Nainda said the officers on duty at the march will definitely intervene if the safe parameters of the peaceful demonstration are breached.


“Any deviation from the agreed upon rules of the peaceful protest will be met with direct action from the officers on the ground. If the demonstrators interfere with the public, it would provide enough ground for the officers to act,” she said.


The Khomas Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Joseph Shikongo echoed the sentiments of the acting Inspector General and added that the various police elements in the region will be in place to execute their duty.


“It would not be wise to test the length of the arm of law in this instance,” he said.


The AR, through its spokesperson, Simon Amunime, indicated that members of the movement will be joining NAFAU and striking workers in their protest action.


Amunime further indicated that the movement plans to shutdown seven Shoprite outlets in Windhoek during the protest action.


Shoprite workers went on strike to demand that their salaries be increased and that the company also give them housing and transport allowances.


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